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AVVISOLa didattica riparte in presenza a gruppi limitati. INFORMAZIONI SU INIZIO DELLE LEZIONI


Incoming students

Information concerning the forms to be filled, deadlines, accomodation, registration and Italian language courses can be found on the International Mobility portal of the University of Turin, in particular on the Instructions for incoming students web page.

Courses activated

The educational period starts from September and ends in June and it is organized in two semesters:

  •   First: from the end of September to January
  •   Second: from the end of February to June

A description of the set of courses offered by the department of Computer Science (e.g., course code and title, the professor(s) responsible of the course, the program, the number of credits) can be found on each web page course.

The set of courses activated each Academic year may be subject to variation, so we suggest the students to have a look at all the information on the official web site of the department to fill their Learning Agreement with the courses available in the academic year of reference. We remind that 1 CFU corresponds to 1 ECTS and to 8/10 hours of lessons in classroom.

Login activation

It is important to ask also login and password for our local web site (to use laboratory and other online services). You can ask to the Login office (see the timetable) bringing your Erasmus documents (Learning agreement and smart card obtained from the Infopoint or the International Mobility office) with you.

International Mobility office of the University of Turin

Vicolo Benevello 3/A, Torino - 089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6b]#[iv19NM.bll3chqJ@YBDwtsF7beXcoT 
Tel. +39 011 670 44 25 - Fax +39 011 236 10 17

General information for foreign students089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6b]#[iv19NM.bll3chqJ@YBDwtsF7beXcoT

Housing servicehousing anywherehousing anywhere - youtube channel

Erasmus Commission at the Department of Computer Science: 089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6]#[cwvGAQ.apZtu6q0RTb4yDb92mZjKz

Studenti in uscita

Gli studenti che sono interessati a trascorrere un periodo di studio all'estero attraverso il programma Erasmus+ possono trovare tutte le informazioni utili sul sito dell'Università degli Studi di Torino, sezione Istruzioni per studenti UNITO.

Per informazioni generali sul programma Erasmus+, consultare il sito web ufficiale.

Sono disponibili alla consultazione alcuni documenti utili, di carattere informativo, sulle tabelle di conversione dei voti e sul learning agreement:

Istruzioni specifiche del bando in corso per gli studenti del CCL-LM di Informatica.

Linee guida per il riconoscimento delle attività formative svolte all'estero.

Tabella di conversione dei voti ECTS.

- Chiarimenti sul bando Erasmus+ (Registrazione web conference 19/02/2021).

Informazioni generali per studenti in uscita089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6b]#[iv19NM.bll3chqJ@YBDwtsF7beXcoT

Servizi di internazionalizzazione Polo di Scienze della Natura: 089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6bH]#[iv19NM.bll3chAE@ZFDstZWDgTcQ5I@

Commissione Erasmus del Dipartimento di Informatica: 089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6]#[cwvGAQ.apZtu6q0RTb4yDb92mZjKz

Commissione per l’approvazione dei Learning Agreement di Informatica089VXaPj3yG2xBNYscRFEiMKumkd6bH@]#[cwvGAQ.apZtu_HMXBUV3EsPLDgTcQ5I@